Designing for Eternal Love

Salama Khalfan: Bespoke Bridal Piece from Salama Khalfan Jewellery on Vimeo.


I think one of the most beautiful -and honorable- things in the journey of a jeweler is to be chosen to design the engagement and weddings rings of a couple in love. Each time this happens, I feel a warm wave of bliss and gratitude running through me; to know that I will forever be part of this love that joins them.

When our bride to be reached out to learn more about the process, the conversation was so easy, I learned that she loves heart shaped anythings, she wanted an unusual ring and was adamant on having it any color BUT white gold. I was happy to hear it, not very often do I see a bride that wants to stray away from the classical look; this was a bride that knew exactly what she wanted.

Together, we decided it would be in rose gold, and it would be cast in rose gold and adorned with pink diamonds on the sides.. and of course, a little horseshoe in colorless diamonds at the bottom, always touching her delicate skin for good luck.

How beautiful is it? to create something from scratch for a special day, and a special lifetime?

Nouf, I wish you love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t live without each other love.